Nordstrom Designer Catalogs

Nordstrom Designer catalogs showcase luxury apparel, shoes and handbags, featuring exclusive labels such as Valentino, Dior, Chanel, Prada and Givenchy. Stunning images are designed to delight and captivate the fashion clientele with dynamic publications of the highest quality.

Nordstrom Collateral

Nordstrom collateral and specialty projects feature a wide variety of formats to target niche customers. These projects include magazine ads, shopping bags, scented fragrance inserts, Nordstrom Product Group hosiery packaging & apparel labels, and new store opening promotions & branding.

This also includes singular pieces for Savvy, BP, Young Customer mailers, Kids, Lingerie, jewelry and watches that appeal to the imagination and provide a unique means of customer communication.

Nordstrom Mens Catalog

Nordstrom Mens catalogs cater to the latest in contemporary mens fashion with exacting attention to detail and trends. These style guides utilize beautiful paper stocks and varnishes to focus on Nordstrom's characteristic elements of style.

Nordstrom Core Catalogs

Nordstrom core catalogs provide high quality photography and color design to their hallmark traditional customers. Partnering with Imagine Color Service for the best in quality digital imaging and prepress allows Nordstrom to reuse and repurpose images for multi-channel marketing campaigns.